23Sept, 2016

Why Chobe Day Trips Is The Best To Discover The Majesty Of Wildlife?

Are you dying to go and visit the Chobe National Park in Botswana but simply can’t find a place for it over your intricately planned holiday? Well - that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore! Now you can make Chobe Day Trips from Victoria Falls. Experience true African wilderness with this adventure of a lifetime where you get the best of both worlds. Embark upon an unforgettable experience this summer, with a thrilling, jam-packed Chobe day trip from Victoria Falls. Situated only an hour’s drive from Victoria Falls, the incredible Chobe National Park in Botswana boasts as one of the largest wildlife populations in Africa, not to mention the magnificent Chobe River.

A Chobe Day Trip is a unique opportunity to experience some of the best game viewing in Africa. Experience the Chobe National Park on a game cruise as well as a game drive. The Chobe Day Trips starts with an exquisite boat safari along the Chobe where you will see huge herd of elephant, buffalo and all variety of antelope. What is so unique is that they are grazing on ‘’islands’’ which are generally flooded with water, and in order to reach them most have to swim. You may have seen elephant on previous game drives – but not swimming with trunks aloft like snorkels – and whenever have you seen so many enormous crocodiles or hippos. Game is absolutely teeming. There are also beautiful varieties of bird-life: fish eagles, kingfishers, waders, bee eaters, kites – a birders paradise.

Explore The Activity Of Boat Safari

On the Chobe Day Trips, you will get to do a boat safari in the morning and a game drive in the afternoon. Now, the boat safari was really special. Although you don’t get to see a wide variety of animals like you might on the drive (unless you’re really interested in birds), here’s what makes it stand out: elephants. Chobe National Park is particularly known for its high elephant population.

Look At The Unique Activity Of Game Drive

After lunch you are ready for the game drive with Chobe Day Trips. Chobe National Park really has a unique landscape; very different from what you see in national parks in Zambia. Also you can see pretty antelopes, birds, buffaloes and more elephants.

Have you been to Chobe or are planning on for Chobe Day Trips? CAPE FIG SAFARIS CHOBE BOTSWANA is one of the best travel experts provide the real value for your trip with exciting activities. We started these blogs to share all aspects of Chobe to you. The wonderful thing about the internet is that it makes the world smaller. Our professional guides love to provide you the world class service by maximizing your tour destinations with minimum cost. We promise you to make your Chobe Day Trips a memorable sojourn.

Making final choices on what to do in Chobe and deciding on the all important things to do in Chobe is a difficult one, but Chobe Day Trips stands out as one of the number one things to do. This is how one truly needs to enjoy what Botswana has to offer. Come join us as we take a look at one of the best trips in Africa!

  24August, 2016

Have The Dream Of Chobe Overnight Camping To Get Real Camping Sites!

On the banks of the Chobe River in Botswana, Chobe Overnight Camping is the best destination for serious game viewers. This is close to where the borders of four African countries meet - Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia. If you are planning to visit the Chobe area, the majestic Victoria Falls or the Caprivi region, then Chobe Overnight Camping is the ideal choice of accommodation. This tour travels through Botswana's wilderness camps using mobile tented camps with rustic facilities.

Dreamy Sights To Be Explored With Camping Trips & Destinations:

Camping Trips & Destinations, a thing of dreams? Here is the means to make that budget camping, a reality. You don’t have to sacrifice the best parks for this reality; well known Chobe National Park is one of the best, especially for spotting large groups of elephants. The campsites in the national park are greatly overpriced; choosing to stay outside the park in Kasane is a cheaper option. The Thebe campsite just outside of Kasane town; it was well organized with fire pits, electric points, hot showers, restaurant and bar and even private covered areas to camp under if you chose. What’s more you are still right on the Chobe River that the expensive campsites try to sell you on.

Be Comfortable While Living Your Travel With Best Luxury Camping:

For an excellent camp within the Reserve, try Best Luxury Camping. The camp is always changing, with a vibrant landscape that shifts with the Delta, and nestled within the shadow of ancient trees along a floodplain. The camp is designed with canvas, wood, and thatch, inspired by early African architecture and indigenous patterns, so it fits right in the landscape and feels like a home. You’ll spot lions, leopards, buffalo, cheetah, and giraffes – if you’re lucky, you might even catch a white or black rhino. The tents themselves are spacious and luxurious, with indoor and outdoor showers and panoramic views across the floodplains.

CAPE FIG SAFARIS CHOBE BOTSWANA would like to get you to the inside track on places, to discover travel secret by luxury camping service. A private, mobile, tented safari is the authentic safari experience — you will join one of our professional guides in your own private game vehicle and spend your nights under the canvas of our comfortable tents at our exclusive campsites in the wilderness. By combining our extensive knowledge of the national parks and expertise on animal movements with our guests’ interests, we create custom safaris to make trips excellent for every traveller!

If you’re looking for Chobe Overnight Camping, give us a mail @ Feel free to ask us about luxury camping which is designed to provide the most efficient first class camping services.